FAME: Fundamentals of Assessment in Medical Education


Faculty Roles

The FAME Faculty provide various services for the FAME Course.

Role of the Plenary Theme Speakers

During the pre-conference workshop, plenary sessions will be presented with topics corresponding to the four course themes:

  1. Test Material Development
  2. Scoring, Analysis and Reporting
  3. Standard Setting
  4. Test Score Validation.

Each theme speaker will be allotted 45 minutes and will focus on conveying the basic concepts to a group of beginners. To the degree possible, these sessions should be interactive.

Role of the Facilitators

Participants will register for an assessment frame (Clinical Skills or Work Place Performance) and be assigned to a group of 5-6 persons. A facilitator will be assigned to each small group, with principal responsibility for managing the group’s progress. The role of the facilitator is to guide the participants through the pre-conference workshop, the conference, and the post-conference workshop. Facilitators will have four responsibilities.

At the conclusion of each plenary session, the participants will discuss the theme in the context of their assessment frame. The plenary speaker is expected to remain with the participants during that discussion, circulating among the groups to answer questions, provide clarification, etc.