FAME: Fundamentals of Assessment in Medical Education

About the Course

Pre-conference Reading Materials

  1. Carraccio, Carol, Englander, Robert, Adams, David, Giudice, Erin, Olsen, A. Gail. Is There a Gap Between Program Directors' Expectations and Residents' Performance? Comparing Predictions with Outcomes for Competence in Patient Care.
  2. Boulet, JR, Swanson, DB. Psychometric challenges of using stimulations for high-stakes assessment.
  3. Boulet, JR, DeChamplain, AF, McKinley, DW. Setting defensible performance standards on osces and standardized patient examinations.
  4. Cook, DA, Beckman, TJ. Current concepts in validity and reliability for psychometric instruments: theory and application.
  5. Epstein, RM. Assessment in medical education.
  6. Norcini, JJ, McKinley, DW. Assessment methods in medical education.
  7. Norcini, JJ. Current perspectives in assessment: The assessment of performance at work.
  8. Swanwick, T, Chana, N. Workplace assessment for licensing in general practice.
  9. Whelan GP, Boulet, JR, McKinley, DW, Norcini, JJ, VanZanten, M, Hambleton, RK, Burdick, WP, Peitzman, SJ.  Scoring standardized patient examinations: Lessons learned from the development and administration of the ECFMG clinical skills assessment (CSA ®).

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