FAME: Fundamentals of Assessment in Medical Education

About the Course

The FAME Matrix

The assessment frames represent the context for the issues the participants are confronting in their home institutions, while the themes comprise the principal components of assessment activity. Themes and frames intersect, represented in a matrix. Participants confront specific assessment problems that alter the manner in which they must address themes. For example, setting standards for MCQ tests of undergraduate student learning in the basic sciences is very different from setting standards for doctors’ performance in outpatient clinics. Thus, the matrix provides an organizational scheme for both faculty and participants. Theme speakers must respond to the ways in which their themes are different across the different frames. Frame group facilitators must remain focused on these same issues as discussion unfolds. And participants must embrace the challenge of carrying out assessment activities in ways that are appropriate to their needs.

The FAME Matrix
Assessment Frames
Themes Knowledge & Reasoning Clinical Skills Workplace Performance Program Evaluation
Test Design & Test Material Development        
Scoring, Analysis & Reporting        
Standard Setting        
Test Score Validation